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Interior & exterior brick surfaces can be given new life and a fresh look by painting the face of the brick. Painted brick requires diligent prep work, the right products, and good technique for long lasting results. Due to bricks naturally porous material, specialized products are recommended and the quantity of paint required will exceed that of many other surfaces. If you are considering painting a brick surface on your home, leave it to the professionals at CertaPro Painters® to be sure you have a long lasting and beautiful end result.

painted brick home

The Brick Painting Process

The process for painting brick can vary depending on the type of brick and the project requirements, but most projects follow a process similar to the one below:

brick prep work

Prep & Clean Brick

The first step is to make sure the brick is clean and clear of any dirt or grime. This is usually done with power washing equipment and steel brushes. Cracks and other issues are also repaired as part of the prep process.

prime brick


A layer of primer is applied to the brick, this step helps make sure that the paint adheres to surfaces properly


Once the primer layer is dry a top layer of paint is applied to the brick, most projects require a few coats to get an even finish.

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Whitewashing & Limewashing For Brick Surfaces

Whitewashing and limewashing offer a popular and attractive look for brick surfaces. The process is similar, but not the same as painting brick. Whitewash is typically made from lime, but there are alternative products available that offer the same look using other materials. The product is applied to the brick lightly and then dabbed with a cloth. Whitewashed brick can vary in how much white is used, a CertaPro representative can discuss options and find the best look for your home in an initial estimate appointment.


  • Semi-translucent white coat on brick surfaces
  • Unique and attractive look for home exteriors and interior brick walls
  • Varying levels of intensity
whitewash brick